How FIT Are Your Phone Bills?

“Voice and Data expenses are usually the 2nd largest indirect expense within a company (3rd or 4th overall) ranging from $2400 to $4800 per employee per year”- IDC Research

There is needless “fat” in almost every phone bill

hidden errors, overcharges, unused services…
It’s time to get your phone bills into shape!

The Telecom Fitness Review™ is an in-depth analysis of all of your communications bills – phone lines, internet, data circuits, MPLS, and more. Our years of telecom bill auditing experience will expose details that the phone company hopes you never find out.

We’ll uncover and eliminate unnecessary lines, fees, & services.
We’ll correct erroneous charges and get you better rates.
We’ll even go after refunds of past overcharges.

When we’re all done, you’re likely to see a savings of 20% to 30% per year (or more).

We do all the work and there are no fees unless we find real savings, or recover real refunds. This compelling value will have immediate payback and deliver long-term savings.

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