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With our Telecom Fitness Review, we’ve save schools money on their phone and internet bills. This costs nothing up-front for the schools, since they’re only sent an invoice if we find savings. It’s hard to believe the carriers would overcharge school districts, but they do. We find the wasted money that the phone company doesn’t want you to find. These inflated bills needlessly increase operating costs that are passed on to taxpayers.

Telecom Fitness specializes in helping school districts find hidden telecom overcharges, and recovering refunds that they never knew they had coming.

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Here’s some examples of happy school districts:

Lake Geneva   $90,614 in Annual Savings            $160,706 in Refunds

Beloit                   $99,246 in Annual Savings          $64,613 in Refunds

Fond du Lac     $17,016 in Annual Savings            $23,014 in Refunds

Greenfield        $30,654 in Annual Savings           $538 in Refunds

Janesville         $72,529 in Annual Savings            $69,426 in Refunds

Monona Grove  $27,265 in Annual Savings         $14,297 in Refunds

St. Francis        $94,915 in Annual Savings            $46,046 in Refunds

I highly recommend Telecom Fitness to other school districts/government agencies. You are crazy if you pass on this. You won’t believe what they can uncover and recommend for you. Because of their thoroughness, we received thousands of dollars in refunds and reimbursements. From the first meeting with Brian and Ben, I felt camaraderie focused on saving our district some dollars. I was very happy with their work. They did follow through with their promises, and were very easy to work with.

Dan Schmidt – Director of Technology
Lake Geneva School District
$90,614 in Annual Savings            $160,706 in Refunds

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