Office Hacks to Save the Day

Sometimes there are small problems that need a solution, but not a budget. Here are some office hacks from around the web to solve issues you might not have even know you had! We’ve collected this list from posts from around the internet. They all use items readily available to most offices, you needn’t look far. These hacks may even inspire your own creativity, you might just think of your own clever solutions!

The 7 Best Office Hacks:

Office Hacks - Cassette Case Phone HolderOffice Hacks #1. Cassette Case Phone Holder

You know you’ve got these laying around somewhere, here’s a great way to use it, though now how are you going to keep that “Work Jamz” mix tape safe? You’ll figure it out!


Office Hacks -Coffee Timer made of Styrofoam CupsOffice Hacks #2. Coffee Timer

Ever wonder what time the coffee was brewed? And whether it’s going to be safe to drink? Now you’ll know with this clever timer! If you hadn’t noticed, this uses two styrofoam cups.


Office Hacks - Tea Filter made from styrofoam cupsOffice Hacks #3.  Tea Filter

Here’s another use for those styrofoam cups, and by all means, it would work with paper as well. Yes, this one uses two cups as well!



Office Hacks - Copier Drill TemplateOffice Hacks #4. Copier Drilling Template

Not sure where the mounting screws should go for that outlet strip? Make a copy and you will accurately be able to place them. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your scale is set to 100%.



Office Hacks - iOpenerOffice Hacks #5. iOpener

Got that retro bottle of soda at the deli, and forgot that the office doesn’t have a bottle opener? Find the nearest Macbook user, and their power supply will double as a churchkey! It’s likely that Macbook user has a broken power supply lurking about… so don’t let them throw it out!


Office Hacks - Mug Burrito HolderOffice Hacks #6. Mug Burrito Holder

Burritos can be messy and hard to handle at your desk. So keep it contained, por favor! In contrast to the slob you would have appeared to be pre-mug, you will contain the mess, not to mention look like you ate lunch somewhere else!! (Note: dump this morning’s coffee before inserting burrito!),

Office Hacks - Sharpie Shoe RepairOffice Hacks #7. Sharpie Shoe Polish

Make your shoes look new-ish for that impromptu meeting in a hurry! Then those unsightly scratches will disappear, and you’ll close the deal!



We hope you find these hacks to be useful! Think creatively, and you might make your life easier – just don’t forget to share them with the world!


Inspired by this post on Mashable.


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