Saving Taxpayers Money

In our years of telecom auditing, we’ve gained a great deal of experience saving taxpayers money with our Telecom Fitness Review. We have the expertise and experience to approach carriers and get them to play nice with local governments. We get real results getting money back into the budget to help communities get value for their tax dollars.

We know there’s wasted money in almost every phone bill, but it’s not easy to find. Let us uncover the incorrect rates, the hidden overcharges, and the unused services that have gone undetected for years. We’ll make sure that you’re getting the best rates available and the largest possible discounts. We’ll even identify cost-effective enhancements that will deliver even more savings!

We were asked to look at the bills for Ozaukee County, and we saved them $124,000 a year, and got them $83,000 in refunds. Here’s what Andy Lamb, Finance Director had to say:

“We appreciate everything that Telecom Fitness has done to help Ozaukee County. They have given us back control over our telecommunications spending, saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars per year, and recovered refunds that we never knew we had coming. We are thrilled with the results that Telecom Fitness has delivered for Ozaukee County. They are an excellent business partner and we highly recommend them. Telecom Fitness is the BEST thing that Ozaukee County has found this year! ”

Andy Lamb, Finance Director for Ozaukee County


If you ask Telecom Fitness to come in for a Telecom Fitness Review, we will likely reduce your annual telecom expenditures by 20% to 50%.  It’s 100% risk-free, with no up-front costs.

We take all the risk, we do all the work,
and you don’t pay us a penny if we don’t find any savings or refunds.

But when we do find something (and we usually do), then we both win!
This compelling value will deliver immediate payback and long-term savings.

Our Telecom Fitness Review™ has recovered MILLIONS of dollars in savings & refunds! We’re experts in saving taxpayers money by reducing phone and internet expenses.

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