Save Money on Your Telecom Bills

Your telecom bills are getting higher and higher, do you ever wonder if you’re paying too much? Have you ever looked at your telephone bill and wondered if those fees and surcharges are legit? You have reason to question your bill, there is over an 80% error rate in telecommunications billing. That means there’s only a one in five chance that your bill is correct. That’s unacceptable, and it’s why companies like Telecom Fitness, Inc. exist.

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We fix errors in your telecom bills

We find the errors on your bill and work with your carriers to fix them. Our experts go as far back as the law allows to get back refunds that go right back into your budget. In addition, we remove unauthorized charges, and any bogus fees or surcharges we find.

We inventory your lines and circuits

We look at all your accounts and determine which services you need and which are obsolete.  In this process, we uncover and eliminate any unnecessary lines, circuits, or other services, and check with you to confirm they are unneeded. Of course, we make sure we don’t disconnect anything until we’re sure it’s not needed, and wait until you ask us to disconnect it.  Also, we look at all the directory listings you’re paying for, and present them to you so you can decide whether or not they are worth it to you to keep paying for every month.

We make sure you’re getting the best rates

Sometimes there is a better rate for the service you need. Our experts see if there are better rates or any discounts available. Maybe there are new technologies that will outperform and cost less than your current service.  We provide recommendations without obligation for cost saving on your telecom bills, because we work for you. Many other telecom auditors are hoping to sell you a new telecom package and score a big commission, but our goal is to help you save as much money as possible.

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