What To Do When Your Phone or Internet Service Needs Repair

Telecom repair is not something you can afford to wait for. When you’re hard at work, interruptions to your connectivity can be a real hassle. You need your phone and internet to work ASAP! Here are steps to get your telecom repair to happen fast.

What is your telecom repair issue?

Your carrier needs to know how to approach the situation. The more specific information you have, the better. And it’s always good to go ahead and restart any equipment you can before you call, because that’s probably the first question they’ll ask when you can for support. If the issue is intermittent, document all examples you can of when the issue occurs. Take note of error messages, or error lights on equipment. Again, the more information you can put together before the call, the better. Have your account numbers and circuit ID’s ready. You’ll have swifter action.

Open a repair ticket

With as much specific information as you can gather, call the repair department of your carrier. You can usually find this on your bill, though sometimes only one general number is listed, and not a specific repair phone number. If you’re working with an auditing team such as Telecom Fitness, we can help you with the best contacts to resolve your issues quickly.

When you call, give the representative all the information you can to help them pinpoint possible issues so they can accurately communicate the issue to the tech that they send out to the site. They can also often run tests offsite to see if they can quickly pinpoint the issue then. Be sure to get a ticket number and an estimate on the timeframe for completion.

Press your carrier

You’re paying for this service, so you have a reasonable expectation that it is fixed quickly. Whenever you communicate with the repair representatives and techs, it’s ok to remind them of the urgency of the matter, though you will get the best results by treating them with respect and courtesy. That being said, you are the customer, and they are there to fix the problem with the service you are paying them for.

If you have a service contract with us, we will press those tickets you open. We have a relationship with the carriers and we know how to get telecom repair results quickly.

Get connected and get back to work

Whenever you communicate with your carrier, get the contact info for your reps. Ask for the best numbers to call for repair issues next time. When you set up your service in the first place, ask the Sales Executive to give you the best number to call, even a favorite repair person. They want good leads from you, and they only get that if you’re happy.

Get your telecom connectivity back, and get back to work!


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