You’re Paying TOO MUCH!

You’re paying too much on your phone and internet bills! Every business relies on communication to succeed. Employees need to communicate with each other. Sales teams need to communicate with their customers. CEO’s need to communicate with their shareholders. Telecom expenses are a cost of doing business, and often, as long as the phone rings and the laptop connects to wifi, few give their telecom a second thought.

You’re Paying Too Much

So often the person who pays the communication bills is a money person, not a technology person. While the IT department might set up the accounts and agree to the terms and prices in the contract, the reality is that the bill goes to a bookkeeper or office manager. If the bill is pretty close to what it was last month, the bill gets paid without any scrutiny.

When it goes up a little each month, it will never get noticed. And if someone does notice, they might look at the bill and see charges and fees that seem like they might be legitimate, or simply impossible to decipher.

The fact is, the carrier is aware that whatever they invoice will be paid, with no questions asked. 90% of all phone bills have errors, most of which benefit the carrier.

So the person who pays the bills doesn’t understand the charges, and the charges are in error, benefiting the carrier. When approached, the IT person will likely also be confused and assume the charges to be legitimate. This is all as the carrier intended. The result is that you wind up paying too much.

Many organizations never really know what lines, circuits, or services are on the bills and which services are no longer needed.

Frequently, when an employee retires and isn’t immediately replaced, a phone line may go dormant. When that organization hires a new employee, they may simply order a new line rather than use an unused number they already have. The phone company will never call you to remind you that your old line isn’t being used when they can simply charge you for that line and the new service.

Many businesses buy what appears to be the lowest price instead of the BEST LONG-TERM VALUE.

Too much emphasis on the up-front short term costs can have a long term negative impact on the bottom line success of your efforts. What may have been a great deal ten years ago may now be costing a business a substantial amount in maintenance and fees. It can be difficult to weigh the options, especially concerning capital expense vs. operating expense.

Many people want to understand the complexities of the technology.  However, few are able to develop the necessary depth and breadth of expertise fast enough to truly know whether they are making good decisions.

Nearly all telecom bills are in error. Yet when nearly all businesses are without personnel with the expertise to decipher and remedy the bills, what can a business do? Surely the telecom carriers will take care of you if you ask them, won’t they?

You would hope so, but you need help.

You need someone who understands the bills and can make the carriers play nice.

A telecom audit performed by experts can solve your problem with your telecom bills.

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