The Telecom Auditor

Hiring a telecom auditor is the best way to determine how much extra you’re paying on your phone and internet bills. Only an expert can decipher a communications bill and find the errors that can hinder a company. They have the expertise and experience to find those details the carriers will never tell you about.

A good telecom auditor works to save you money. Look for someone to be your advocate, who will tell you the truth and have your best interest in mind. You want them to keep the providers honest and help you make the best decisions for your organization.

A telecom auditor exposes incorrect rates and billing errors.

An auditor knows the going rates, and can quickly spot overcharges. They know which services you need and which you never agreed to. Once exposed, the auditor can get those rates changed to the best rates and get the best discounts, and obtain refunds for overcharges as far back as law allows.

A telecom auditor will reveal all unnecessary lines, circuits, features, and services.

A good auditor will do their homework and work with a client to determine what they really need, and get rid of what they don’t. Once determined, the client gives the go-ahead to make the changes.

A telecom auditor will work with the carriers to resolve issues, so you don’t have to.

No one wants to sit on hold only to find that they’ve been transferred to the wrong department. Again. A good auditor takes on this hassle for you and convinces the providers to correct issues and make them right. They level the playing field and eliminate the unfair advantages that are stacked up against all telecom customers. When your auditor understands the games the carriers play, they can make sure you are the one who ultimately wins.

A good auditor will recommend technologies that may result in even greater money saving.

The main objective of the audit is to save the client money, so make sure your auditor has your best interest in mind, and aren’t simply a re-seller going after commissions from the telecom providers.

Only hire a telecom auditor who works in your best interest, to put money back in your budget.

The Best Solution: A Telecom Fitness Review

Telecom Fitness ReviewA telecom audit can benefit your business, that much is clear. It will reduce telecom expenses, and ensure the best value to the customer. But it matters who you hire to perform the audit. Not all auditors work in your best interest. Some are re-sellers, some work quickly, so they’re paid quickly. Only the BEST auditors work in your best interest. 

Telecom Fitness has decades of combined voice and data communications industry experience. We have designed, planned, and assisted with the implementation of hundreds of telecommunications systems, data circuits, and phone lines. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars with our powerful telecom audit, our Telecom Fitness Review.

A Telecom Fitness Review is 100% risk-free.

We take all the risk, we do all the work, and you don’t pay us a penny if we don’t find any savings or refunds. But when we do find something (and we usually do), then we both win! This compelling value will deliver immediate payback and long-term savings. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

We really care and get personally involved.

The principals of Telecom Fitness personally involve themselves in the project, including negotiations with your vendors, carriers, and other communications service providers to ensure you get the best value for your business. Unlike other auditors, we come on site and inspect and trace lines, and confirm that lines are being used. Before any changes in service are made, we always confirm with the client.

As your advocate, we’ll give you the truth about pricing, cost structures, new technology, guarantees, automatic renewals, recommended contract lengths, early termination options, “quantity” discounts, upgrades, extensions, etc.  Our job is to keep the carriers and providers honest and to help you determine what are the best business decisions for your organization.

We don’t sell anything or take money from telephone companies or other carriers.  Our only source of income is from the savings and credits we find for you.  There are no hidden agendas and we don’t play favorites. 

Telecom Fitness, Inc. does whatever is best for you, not for the telephone company or any other telecommunications provider.

We have happy clients.

We have worked with businesses, non-profits, car dealers, accountants, banks, school districts, and local governments, and gained the expertise to serve these clients and their unique needs.

Sometimes, we only find a few hundred dollars, others a few hundred thousand. We’ve cost the phone company millions.

Some of our clients were wary of hiring us, afraid we really might find real savings and they would be blamed for costing the company so much. We make sure to give you the credit for being smart enough to hire us – the only bad guys are the carriers who overcharge their clients.

A Telecom Fitness Review can put real money back into your budget.

We would love to partner with you to make your bills fit, we will work hard in your interest. We would love to have you as another happy client with “fit” phone and data bills!

Contact us today to request a 100% Risk-Free Telecom Fitness Review