Must-Have Feature: Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email has become an essential part of business communication. It’s one more way Cloud Phone Systems better organize your workflow. Let’s take a look at Voicemail to Email.

Voicemails can be the ultimate life-line for some, but for most of us they can simply go unchecked. It just takes too long to sit down and listen to multiple drawn out voicemails — but it doesn’t take nearly as long to quickly skim through a few emails. Again, since cloud telephony is all about flexibility and simplicity, it makes sense that would extend to voicemail as well.

What does it do?

Simply put, Voicemail To Email is a form of voicemail transcription. When someone leaves a voicemail on your extension or number, the system then analyzes the content, and transcripts the entire voicemail.

The transcript can then be directed to the user in a written format, generally email. Some solutions can go even further and provide text notifications or alerts.

While such a seemingly simple feature, Voicemail to Email is a must have in the digital age, when we are always on the go.

Again, this feature is providing the simplicity and flexibility that modern workers need to stay connected, no matter where they are or when it is.

Why is it so hot?

Voicemail to Email transcription is an amazing way for workers to gain a better control over their voicemail inbox. Instead of letting those annoying messages just pile up, and have important information get buried, users can just quickly skim through the transcripts within their email.

By using  AI, like natural language processing and speech to text analysis, these powerful cloud phone platforms can do a lot of the heavy lifting for us. As time goes on, the AI will grow more intelligent. In turn, it will get better at understanding both what is being said, and the context and intent behind it.

Voicemail to Email admittedly isn’t something all that new, but it is still an incredibly popular feature, and one that organizations should be on the search for when comparing vendors and platforms.

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