AT&T’s Cost Assessment Charge

When you look at your AT&T bill, you may have seen a fee appear in the last few years labeled Cost Assessment Charge. You probably scowled and muttered something under your breath about AT&T. After that, you paid your bill, Cost Assessment Charge and all. Of course, you still have no idea what it is, or whether it is legitimate or not. So, should it really even be on your bill?

What is a Cost Assessment Charge?

According to AT&T, a Cost Assessment Charge, or CAC, is “a per-line, per-month fee that is not a tax or charge that the government requires AT&T to collect from its customers. It is a fee to recover AT&T costs associated with supporting the administration of government programs and requirements.” Sounds legit, right? You still don’t know what that means, but it sounds ok.

In  2017, AT&T, in it’s billing “News You Can Use” section of their bill, stated the CAC purpose was to “recover AT&T property taxes.” Can you imagine going to the grocery store checkout expecting to pay just for your items, only to find the store added a fee to help them pay their property tax? The government does not require AT&T to add this charge, but it does permit them to.

While AT&T is allowed to add the Cost Assessment Charge, it is not legitimate to charge Tax Exempt businesses this charge. AT&T would like to add this charge to as many customers as possible, knowing that most people will not understand or recognize this new charge. Very little discretion has been used issuing these charges. School districts, municipalities, and charities have all found these incorrect charges on their bill, and AT&T knows it will probably go unnoticed and paid in full.

If you run a business that is tax exempt, don’t continue to pay these charges! Telecom Fitness regularly goes to bat for school districts, local governments, and non-profits to get these charges not only removed from the bill, but also to get refunds all the way back to when they were first charged!

Do you have an advocate in your corner who will have the Cost Assessment Charge removed and have your bill credited? Contact Telecom Fitness and don’t pay AT&T more than you have to!

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