About Us

Telecom Fitness, Inc. is a growing company with a great team of telecom experts that are producing great results for our clients!

To date, the Telecom Fitness Review process has exceeded our expectations and those of our clients. We’ve delivered millions in annual savings to our clients and we’ve recovered millions more in refunds for large & small businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and my favorite clients – public school districts.” – Brian Erlichman, President & Chief Telecom Geek of Telecom Fitness

At the helm of Telecom Fitness, Inc. is our founder and resident telecom geek, Brian Erlichman who is supported by a great staff of telecom experts that have been analyzing and auditing phone bills for decades. And today, we’ve lowered telecom costs and recovered millions of dollars for our corporate business, non-profit, municipal, and school district clients across the country.

In addition to running this growing company, Brian still keeps his hands in the day to day telecom auditing. He still visits clients, and can often be found in an old telephone wiring closet trying to find lines that aren’t being used so he can save his clients a few more dollars.  Brian enjoys building trusted relationships with his clients and being an advocate they can count on. Most of all Brian enjoys seeing the smiles on his client’s faces when he delivers the news about the savings & refunds the Telecom Fitness team has delivered.

Brian first started to see the dirty little secrets of telecom billing in 2001 when he went to work for SBC Ameritech (now AT&T). Almost every bill had something ‘extra’ on it that nobody knew if it was needed or not. Things that should have been disconnected years ago got lost in the billing detail. Wrong rates, wrong costs, wrong quantities.  But there was no one to clean up these bills.

Brian’s passion for helping people soon led him to realize that he was the one who needed to help his clients clean up their bills and reduce their costs, but that also meant he would be cutting his employer’s revenues.

And that went over like a lead balloon.

A Telecom Hero is Born

But Brian knew he couldn’t stand by and let his clients keep paying for services they weren’t using. He knew he couldn’t let those years of billing errors go uncorrected. He also knew that if he didn’t fix things, they would probably never get fixed. His clients would continue to pay for services they would never use – and he couldn’t live with that.

In late 2003, Brian realized he could no longer keep fighting this billing monster from the inside of the beast. He couldn’t continue to work for a company that wouldn’t allow him to do the right thing and clean up his clients’ bills. He needed to change teams. He needed to go on the offense and fight for the good guys.

In February 2004, Brian became what some people called the “Robin Hood of Telecom” because he was successfully taking back money from the rich (the big phone companies) and giving it back to the poor (the customers). He developed the Telecom Fitness Review process and set out to level the playing field between the big telecom carriers and their customers.

From that point forward, Brian’s new mission was (and still is) to help his clients clean up wasteful telecom spending by getting rid of unnecessary lines & services, correcting the billing errors, and then going after refunds for the past overcharges.

In the past decade, Brian and his valued team of experts have delivered Millions of Dollars in savings & refunds to his clients and there is no end in sight.  The phone companies still overcharge, make mistakes, forget their responsibilities, and try to keep money they didn’t earn.

That’s why Brian is certain that he made the right choice to fight for the good guys.

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