What is a Telecom Fitness Review?

Telecom Fitness ReviewThe Telecom Fitness Review™ (aka, TFR) is comprehensive telecom audit
that includes your phone lines, Internet service, data circuits, and more.

It’s a an in-depth analysis of all of your telecom costs.
Our process utilizes our telecom experience and phone bill auditing success to expose hidden details that the local telephone company will never tell you.

“Voice & Data expenses are usually the 2nd largest indirect expense within a company (3rd or 4th overall) ranging from $2400 to $4800 per employee per year” – IDC Research

telecom fitness review- risk-free telecom audit We take all the risk, we do all the work,
and you don’t pay us a penny if we don’t find any savings or refunds.

But when we do find something (and we usually do), then we both win!
This compelling value will deliver immediate payback and long-term savings.

We ALWAYS make sure that you get the FULL credit for being smart enough to bring us in!

Our Telecom Fitness Review™ process will…

Uncover and eliminate any unnecessary lines, circuits, or other services

Remove unauthorized charges, and any bogus fees or surcharges

Correct billing errors and makes sure you are only paying for what you need

Ensure you are getting the best possible rates and discounts on your services

Explore even more possible savings with new technologies

Provides recommendations for changes that will lower your costs even further

if we find any overcharges, then we’ll go after refunds from the phone company as far back as legally possible!

Happy Clients

When we’re done, you’ll likely see your telecom costs drop by 20% to 50% per year.

Our Telecom Fitness Review™ has recovered MILLIONS of dollars in savings & refunds!

Please go to our Client Testimonials  page to see what our Telecom Fitness Review has done for clients just like you.

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Some of our competitors perform a telecom audit without ever stepping on site to confirm phone lines.

Whenever possible, we come onsite to make sure all phone lines are correct. We want our clients to have the best quality of service at the lowest cost.


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